Non-Tapered Grips / Simple Swing Golf

Non-Tapered Grips / Simple Swing Golf: Let Tour Quality Clubmaking custom fit you to a set of CUSTOM DESIGNED CLUBS.....MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR THE Simple Swing Golf AND FEWER MOVING PARTS OF THE "Non-Tapered Grips / Simple Swing Golf" GAME. You've seen the ads, admit it , it does make sense, fewer moving parts means a more repeatable and consistent swing, what do you have to lose except a few strokes off of your handicap?

TQC will custom fit you for the Non-Tapered Grips/Simple Swing Golf Grips and Custom Equipment. NT/SS. equipment must be different than conventional GOLF EQUIPMENT. We use one of 4 different Non Tapered grips for the baseball grip. Choose from the Non-Tapered Regular or All Weather grip; The Big Grip Golf grips; or the Tacki-Mac Equalizer. All options are jumbo diameter and non tapered. These grips are absolutely essential for your Non-Tapered Grips / Simple Swing Golf game!

Next, T.Q.C will determine swing speed and suggest shaft composition and length and lie angles best suited for YOUR Non-Tapered Grips / Simple Swing Golf requirements. NT/SS clubs must be LONGER THAN STANDARD to accommodate the BASEBALL GRIP AND Simple Swing Golf REQUIRED In Non-Tapered Grips / Simple Swing Golf

Finally, Let TQC recommend clubheads that are best suited for NT/SS upright lie specifications; wide soles to reduce "fat" shots. We have clubs with 3* upright lies and also standard specification heads to meet your needs. We have countless combinations of heads and shafts and grips.....so YOU get to choose the very best components to fit YOUR Simple Swing Golf or Non-Tapered Grips / Simple Swing Golf game

We have a wide variety of Non-Tapered Grips / Simple Swing Golf available, here is a sample below and we can make further Non-Tapered Grips / Simple Swing Golf club recommendations at your request.

The "A.B,C's" of "SIMPLE SWING GOLF" are:

A. " ANCHOR " your feet to the ground, keep your feet firmly on the ground and keep your knees steady

B. "BASEBALL" Grip; hold the club in ten fingers like a baseball bat, this allows the golfer to keep the club square to the target for the straightest, most consistent ball contact.

C. "CONTROL" the swing by only taking the club back 3/4 of a conventional swing. The longer shaft length AND bigger Non-Tapered Grip of "Keep It Simple Golf" makes it possible to get better distance on all of your clubs WITH much more CONSISTENCY by keeping the club in a straight line for the entire swing path.

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