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About Steve

Tour Quality Clubmaking is an independent club building/clubfitting operation with over 30 years of training and experience. 

Our mission is to meet the individual needs of golfers from beginners to scratch handicaps. I aim to accomplish that mission while saving you money! I have been trained and certified as a member of the Golf Clubmaker's Association of America. I use the latest technologies and know how to apply them to your game.

At T.Q.C, I incorporate extensive knowledge of each golfer (obtained via the clubfitting profile or by phone and email), with our exhaustive knowledge of new and proven technology.  I then compile this information and offer our best recommendations as to what equipment will work best FOR YOU.

T.Q.C is as obsessed with golf as you are! Our product line features literally thousands of different combinations of shafts and grips! Unlike the O.E.M.'s, I am not committed to only one brand of shaft or grip. I use what is best for you.  From steel shafts, graphite shafts, rifle shafts with different flexes, to grips by Winn, Lamkin, Golf Pride, Supestroke and more,  We can create a custom-fitted golf club that is fitted to your specific dimensions and ability.


T.Q.C sells demo's and brand new original equipment by Ping,Taylor, Cleveland, Callaway, and Nike. Our clubs will work better guaranteed! WHY? Because I will make them for your swing speed which will help improve your ball flight problems (slice, hook, too high or too low a trajectory). What do you have to lose, except maybe 3-5 strokes per round? Do you think any pro out there uses clubs right off the rack?  They don't! All the pros use customized clubs, tweak their irons with lead tape, and specify the exact shaft that works for them. Let T.Q.C show you how much more fun you can have using clubs that fit YOUR game.

What some happy customers say:  

As a 6'8"  lefty, it was impossible for me to find clubs that fit correctly at any store. Tour Quality Clubmaking was able to create custom length shafts with the right lie with oversized grips that fit my swing.

- Brian G.

"As my game improved, my first set of clubs no longer fit my improvements. Steve was able to not only fit me with clubs that matched my lie and swing speed, but he explained all the benefits of the changes we were making.


- Michael S.

Steve was able to fit my son with clubs when he started and as he grew, Steve was able to tweak that set along the way to fit perfectly from year to year.

- Chris T.

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